Wheat Crown Makeup

Soft Natural Makeup – Wheat Grass Crown – Rain Photoshoot – Greenwater, WA

by Rachel Poling

I had such a memorable shoot with Katrina of Kayla Jannika Photography for this Soft Natural Makeup look. It was pouring down rain and we got to the location way out in Greenwater only to find that the bag with the outfits and the lovely floral crowns for the shoot had been forgotten back at home. Cue moment of panic.

Luckly, I was able to think fast on my feet. I made a crown out of various grasses and greenery around by the river. Both Katrina and I couldn’t believe how cool it turned out! Our model, Kristina, was very soaked and kind of freezing, standing in freezing water and slippery rocks, but you wouldn’t know from these gorgeous pictures. I think she looks like a wild river princess, and I love how her look turned out.

For Kristina’s Natural Makeup look I focused on doe-eyes with a soft brown and full lashes, and soft pink cheeks and lips.

We had a fun time, and I’m definitely looking forward to working with Katrina again sometime soon.


Wheat Crown Makeup Rain Photoshoot Wheat Crown Makeup soft makeup look rain shoot Soft natural makeup

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